Tread length measurement + weight measurement

Length measurement on cut treads (or sidewalls) wsb_377x207_length-1

Camera based system measuring the length of cut, moving tread (speed up to 100m/min.), by two fast cameras. The images of both tread ends are taken simultaneously. Special analysis software enables a measurement of the tread’s length up to an accuracy of 0.5mm.

The PC  based system running at Windows XP, offers a lot of statistical evaluation possibilities and can also be controlled by a host system (PLC).

Optionally the system can be combined with a width and/or weight measurement of the cut tread to have finally all important data of each tread collected at one system.


Software menu in case of measuring length and width. In the top the both end of the tread with the found

edges are shown. The tread display gives an information about the production process.