Online profile measurement

A) High precise laser scanning system

Systems for Tread – Sidewall – Innerliner

Scanning system with laser point sensor

Product width up to 1500mm for innerliner and 600mm for tread and sidewall

High precise laser sensor, optimized for black rubber

Laser class 2, red laser point

Reliable system, protected against vibration, temperature effects and soiling

Valuable software design with easy to handle software for line operators and with detailed

data analysis features for quality engineers.

Systems running in the Tyre industry since 1994

Scanner principle: Two laser sensors moving synchronized across the product



B) Fast laser line system (for tread and sideall)

(Sheet of light system)                                    

Laser line sensors measuring fast, without moving sensor devices, the profiles of tread and sidewall. Compared to laser point sensors the devices take the product’s profile by one shot. Delivered with the same valuable software as for the scanning laser device,  the system is always used, if short time profile aquisition is required, e.g. if the product has fast thickness changes in direction of production.